Tuggs meals are cooked using fresh, human-grade ingredients before being frozen to lock in nutrition. We don’t use any nasty preservatives or additives.

You can store Tuggs pouches in the fridge for up to a week, so we recommend keeping around 5 pouches in the fridge and swapping new pouches out of the freezer when required. Take the pouches out of the freezer 24 hours before your pup devours them. Once opened, Tuggs’ pouches should be fed within 2 days.

TIP: if your pouch needs to last a few days, pop it in a sealed container after it’s been opened.

Tuggs meals will be delivered to you frozen. Our boxes are insulated so that the frozen pouches can stay fresh all day – so don’t worry if you’re not in when the courier delivers the box. Simply place the pouches in the freezer when you can. Don’t worry if the pouches thaw during delivery, as long as they’re still cold to the touch then it’s safe to refreeze them.