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It is! We think it should be easy to feed your dog right. So we calculate how you’re your dog should be eating before delivering pre-portioned dinners that are designed for your dog, straight to your door. Everything your dog needs to thrive at the click of a button. You can easily pause/cancel or change your subscription through your account by clicking ‘Account’ on the top right of the page and then ‘Plans’ or by contacting us!

Our independent expert team of vets, nutritionists and doggy dieticians have created an algorithm that calculates just the right amount of food for your dog, and we then deliver these pre-portioned meals straight to your door. Our subscription is entirely flexible, so you can decide the frequency of the deliveries, as well as the recipe selection and whether you’d like a full or a half portion for your pup.

It is! Our independent expert team of vets, nutritionists and doggy dieticians know exactly how to fuel your pup with what they need to flourish, and have created meals that are nutritionally complete and balanced for dogs of all ages. And, because we only use the best meat, vegetables and insects to create our complete, chop-watering meals, our meals are tasty and easy to digest for tummies that are constantly developing and growing!

We deliver to just mainland UK (for the moment!)

Our boxes, ice packs and insulation can be fully recycled. In fact, we can reuse the insulation ourselves and we will send free return labels for you to return the insulation to us every few deliveries if you wish. You can then put the insulation into a box with this label and drop them off at one of our collection points. Unfortunately for our initial batch we have had to use pouches that are not recyclable, however we are working to change that for the future.

Short answer: think of Tuggs as sustainable, mouth-watering homecooked meals delivered in perfect portions directly to your door.
Long answer: Not only have our recipes been developed over a 12 month period from leading UK veterinary nutritionists to ensure that they are balanced and complete for dogs of all ages according to FEDIAF guidelines, we have also gone above and beyond to create a food that we believe is both the healthiest and most sustainable dog food in the UK. Our food is gently cooked to preserve the nutritional value and ensure there are no ’nasties’ (ie salmonella, bacteria etc) as well as being high in protein and free from grains, legumes, and any type of filler or artificial preservative. Our secret super power, insects, provide a protein source that is nutritionally comparable to beef whilst being much more sustainable by using far less land, water and emitting far fewer carbon emissions. In time, when there are more insect farms producing fresh insects, we hope to have insect-only recipes.

Traditionally dog food has been produced as extruded, dry dog food in kibble form or processed, wet dog food served in tins with a shelf life of up to two years without refrigeration. Not only is this dog food void of fresh ingredients, it is inappropriately balanced with macronutrients, potentially carcinogenic and full of cheap fillers which dogs simply cannot digest properly. For dog food in the UK to be labelled as ‘with chicken’, it only needs to contain up to 4% chicken content!
Our ‘fresh’ food is challenging the industry; we aim to start a ruffolution by offering meals that are freshly-prepared using human-grade, high-quality ingredients with no byproducts, fillers, grains or artificial flavours EVER. Only quality food using the freshest ingredients to prioritise your dog’s health. This category of food is a very new concept, and Tuggs is the first company in the UK to make it with insects. Think of it as freshly-prepared food that you would make at home if you had the time, with a secret super power (insects) making it all the more sustainable.

Our meals are frozen right after cooking to lock in the nutrition, and so we will deliver your meals frozen in an insulated box. Just pop them into the freezer as soon as they’re delivered, leaving a few out to defrost in the fridge to be eaten in the coming days. Our pouches can stay in the fridge for 5 days unopened, so you can pop a few in the fridge and the rest in the freezer, swapping in pouches from the freezer to the fridge as you use them.
Once opened, we recommend that the food is used within 2 days, with uneaten food kept in a container.
The meals can be stored in the freezer for up to 12 months, and each delivery will use roughly two to three loaves of bread worth of space in the freezer. We have flexible delivery plans if you feel that space could be an issue!

All of our ingredients are sourced in the UK local to our manufacturing site, with our beef and chicken coming from less than 1 mile away. All of our ingredients adhere to Red Tractor standards, meaning that the ingredients have been responsibly sourced, safely produced and come from crops and animals that have been well cared for.

We only use the best meat, vegetables and insects to create our complete, chop-watering meals. Tuggs food is gently cooked using fresh, human-grade meat, fresh insects and vegetables. Our recipes have been developed over 18 months from leading UK vets and nutritionists so that they are nutritionally balanced and complete for dogs of all ages, as well as being high in protein and free from legumes and any type of cheap filler or artificial preservative. We gently cook the food to preserve the nutritional value and ensure there are no ’nasties’ (ie salmonella, bacteria etc).

We've converted thousands of fussy eaters to Tuggs over the last year. We have a transition specialist who will call you once your order has arrived, and we're always on hand to help. Nonetheless, if your pup isn't convinced then you can cancel your plan at any time.

Our plans are fully customised for your perfect pooch, and you can check the recommended grams per day via your dashboard.

Our subscriptions are fully flexible, and you can edit all aspects of your plan via your dashboard!


Simple – just log into your account by clicking the “Account” button on the top right of the page, select “Plans” and here you can select your preferred delivery date under ‘Plan Details’.

Tuggs food is sent in insulated packaging and should stay frozen for 12 hours after delivery. As soon as you’re home, please put the food in the fridge or freezer. If the food has slightly thawed it is still okay to put in the fridge/freezer. Contact us if you have any questions on this!

If the pouches have thawed a little they are still okay to pop into the freezer – generally we recommend that if the pouches are still cool when touched then they can be put in the freezer and devoured by your pup as usual!
If the pouches arrive with you and are not cool to the touch, please get in touch with our team straight away.

We’ll send you an email notification via one of our courier partners when your item has been shipped. You’ll receive the tracking information through this email.

Please don’t leave us! Really, we’re sad to see you go, but you can stop your subscription at any time by logging into your account, heading to your Plan and clicking ‘Make Changes’ under ‘Plan Overview’. We’ll ask for a bit of feedback and you can then cancel your plan. We would love to hear your feedback and, if the service has not been up to the Tuggs standard, we would love the opportunity to make things right so please do reach out to our team. If you’re just looking for a wee break, you can skip your next order or pause the plan for a few months from your account too.

Our plans are fully flexible and can be cancelled at any time. However, please note that once an order is placed for a trial box, we cannot cancel the order but we can cancel any future orders.


As mentioned above, in 2019 The British Veterinary Association (BVA) noted that some insect-based foods may be better for pets than prime steak. (link here – We have been working with vets and veterinary nutritionists not just to create an insect-based dog food that is sustainable, but to create an insect-based dog food that allows your dog to thrive, not just survive, without sacrificing the planet.

Absolutely. In fact, in 2019 The British Veterinary Association (BVA) noted that some insect-based foods may be better for pets than prime steak. (link here – We have undertaken rigorous research and trials with some of the UK’s leading breeders to ensure the suitability, and superiority, of our food. You can read more about our trials with Glasgow University students here:
In our trials, the students concluded that “overall, the puppies being fed the Tuggs insect protein diet had a better body condition score than those being fed a raw diet.”

We use Black Soldier Fly larvae. Black Soldier Fly is nutritionally comparable to beef, being high in protein and containing necessary vitamins, fats, and all essential amino acids required to let your pup thrive. They are also rich in antimicrobial, medium-chain fatty acids which have proven gut health benefits.
Read more about our insects and the research behind them here:

There are a few reasons why we include meat and fish with our insect to create our food. Firstly, there are considerations from a nutritional perspective: a dog’s diet needs a wide spectrum of amino acids, and as such offering one single protein source would not provide the required variety needed for optimal health for our pups. Feeding several different types of proteins ensures that our furry friends have a more balanced diet and it ensures that they are obtaining all the vital nutrients required to maintain their health. Similarly, we are cautious that many dogs can be fussy with their food, and varying their diet will help to stimulate their appetite and increase their interest in a wide variety of ingredients. From a health perspective, limiting a dog’s protein choices can result in food allergies: feeding one protein source over time is purported to increase the probability of dogs developing intolerances. [*] Although a variety of insects could be used instead of a fortification of meat and insects, currently there are limited insect farms, with only one producing fresh insects in the UK which makes it difficult to source suppliers. This may be addressed in the future as the insect market continues to grow.
[*] Olson, Lew. Raw and Natural Nutrition for Dogs. North Atlantic Books (2015) page 68

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