Keeping your pooch safe in the heat

August 29, 2023

"After weeks of non-stop rain, we’ve finally got a glimpse of sun. It’s time for playdates at the park, zoomies on the beach and sunbathing in the garden."

Keeping Playtime Safe

August 3, 2023

"There is *nothing* cuter than seeing our furry friends having the time of their lives - but it’s important to make sure that we’re keeping them safe. "

Pending B Corp Status

August 3, 2023

"It's a big doggy day at Tuggs HQ - we're officially the goodest boys and girls... we've been awarded Pending B Corp status"

Join our Facebook Community Group!

August 3, 2023

"Do you like cute pictures of dogs? Do you also like behind-the-scenes content, giveaways and competitions? Then you need to join our Facebook community group! "

Advice for Fussy Dogs

August 3, 2023

"We know that having a fussy dog can be hard. You’ve tried every type of food under the sun, but your furry friend turns their nose up to anything that isn’t a freshly cooked steak. Sound familiar?"

Fresh vs Dry Food

July 27, 2023

"We know that choosing the right food for your dog can be hard - so we're here to help. "

Tuggs better than raw? Our research with Glasgow University students

July 24, 2023

"In order to assert the nutritional value of Tuggs’ insect-based dog food, Tuggs worked with Mordor Gundogs, the renowned gundog breeder in Perthshire, to trial our insect-based dog food against premium raw dog food. We enrolled veterinary students from the University of Glasgow to run the trials. Overall, we wanted to test whether puppies would put on the same weight as other puppies fed premium raw dog food (to discern the digestibility of our insect-based food), and examine their energy levels, stools and overall body condition. We ran similar tests for other working dogs."

Interview on Tuggs

October 18, 2023

"Our Founder speaks to Delivery Rank"

Can Dogs Be Vegan?

July 24, 2023

"The proposition to reduce reliance on livestock production invites the question as to the feasibility of utilising plant proteins as an alternative to, or alongside, insects. Recent research seems to suggest that plant-based diets are beneficial for our dogs and for the environment. Below, we look at the issues of plant-based diets for dogs as well as addressing the research into plant-based diets so far."

Is Tuggs Worth the Price?

July 24, 2023

"Tuggs is a freshly-prepared dog food made using human-grade meat & fish, fresh veg and insects. Tuggs is delivered to you frozen in order that the food retains the majority of its nutritional value during transport. Our food has at least 65% meat & insect in each recipe. Consequently, our food is likely to cost more than supermarket dog foods or some raw dog foods."

Nutrition and Digestibility of Black Solider Fly

July 24, 2023

"The black soldier fly (BSF). Black soldier fly larvae contains up to 50% of high-quality protein, as well as necessary vitamins, fats, and all essential amino acids required to form a complete canine diet. They are also rich in antimicrobial, medium-chain fatty acids which have proven gut health benefits."

The Beginning of Tuggs

July 24, 2023

"5 years ago I read about the legalisation of insects for use in aquafeed in the EU and was blown away by the potential that insects possess to transform our consumption habits and pose a viable solution to aspects of the global food crisis. "

Transitioning to Tuggs Meals

July 24, 2023

"Transitioning your pup onto Tuggs should be done gradually, and our nutritionist has created the above guideline for you to follow. We suggest that a small volume of Tuggs is mixed in with your dog’s current food, incrementally increasing the volume each day for 7 days. After a week, your pup should be fine to gobble down a whole portion of Tuggs!"

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