Advice for Fussy Dogs

August 3, 2023

  • We know that having a fussy dog can be hard. You’ve tried every type of food under the sun, but your furry friend turns their nose up to anything that isn’t a freshly cooked steak. Sound familiar?

    Luckily, Tuggs is fussy dog approved. Not only are our subscriptions totally flexible (meaning you can pa useor change your subscription at any time), but our team is always on hand to answer your questions and offer advice. Each of our recipes are also made with fresh, quality meat, vegetables and insects and trust us - your dog can smell the difference!

    While you’re waiting for your first Tuggs delivery to arrive, check out some top tips from our Customer Love Lead (and all-around dog guru), Jen, on how to support your fussy dog as they transition to Tuggs.

    Warm the food

    Tuggs arrives frozen and can be kept in the fridge for up to 5 days before your pooch is ready to eat it. For fussy dogs, we recommend popping their portion in the microwave for a minute before serving to take the chill off, and to increase the food’s smell - even fussy dogs won’t be able to resist!

    Cut down on treats

    We all love feeding our dogs a special treat in between mealtimes, whether it’s a training reward or just because they shot you their best puppy dog eyes. But sometimes we can get carried away, and too many treats can put a dog off their dinner. We recommend limiting your dog to 2-4 treats per day so that they’re excited about eating at mealtimes.

    Bring the energy

    Dogs are really reactive to their owner’s energy, and the chances are that when you’re excited, they are too! If your dog is turning its nose up at its bowl, it’s time for you to bring the energy. Showing your own enthusiasm at mealtimes will get your dog excited to eat as well. You could even take a bite to show your pooch what they’re missing out on - Tuggs is good enough for you! 


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