Keeping Playtime Safe

August 3, 2023

  • There is *nothing* cuter than seeing our furry friends having the time of their lives - but it’s important to make sure that we’re keeping them safe. 

  • A few months ago we spoke to The Mirror about Rango - a dog who lost 70% of his small intestine after swallowing a rope toy. Rango made a full recovery (while eating Tuggs!) and has now been adopted by a loving family. 

  • Today we’re sharing some tips from Katie, our in-house pet nutritionist, on what you can do to keep your dog safe at playtime. 

  • 1. Keep an eye on your dog when they’re playing - check that they aren’t showing signs of trying to eat their toys 

  • 2. Make sure that your dog is getting plenty of exercise and mental stimulation - otherwise boredom can strike and our furry friends are more likely to eat things that they shouldn’t! 

  • 3. Check that your pooch has access to safe, natural toys and chews when possible - and avoid toys with ropes 


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