Tuggs Health Questionnaire Results

February 9, 2024

  • With Tuggs being at the forefront of innovation in the UK dog food industry, we recently undertook a health survey of 82 dog owners to evaluate how their dog's health has changed since switching over to eating Tuggs. 

    The basis of the questionnaire was to understand how a dog's health is affected when moving over to eat our freshly-cooked, insect-based diet. 

    The diets of each dog before switching to Tuggs differed (with some having previously had a raw diet or a kibble diet) and the results below reflect a generalised audience that is not secluded based on previous diet. 

    We found the following
  1. 84% of owners saw an improvement in their dog's gut health (improved stools)
  2. 50% of owners saw an improvement in their dog's coat (healthier, shinier coat)
  3. 70% of owners say their dog is more excited for meal time than ever before
  4. 68% of owners said their dog's overall health had improved 

  • We were particularly proud of some of the feedback that included:
    "My dog just seems and looks healthier. Sort of glowing."
    "The biggest change I’ve noticed is to Willow’s coat. It’s much shinier. Her stools are more firm. She really enjoys Tuggs."
    "Her farts don't smell! Her poo doesn't smell, they're always firm and small. She gets excited for dinner, eats everything and couldn't be tempted to eat when she was on kibble as a pup. She's a perfect weight and was always a little thin before."
    "He looks so forward to mealtimes and literally inhales it! He has never left a morsel of Tuggs in his bowl."
  • "The best food we have ever used, and the best customer service too!"

  • Interested in making the switch? Head over here and answer a few questions about your pooch to get started. 


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